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Surveying & Quality Control

InVra plus is in possession of a 'Total Station', a device for land surveys. That means that we are able to carry out land surveys ourselves rather than outsourcing them. We also carry out quality control work. At InVra plus both services come under:  Surveying & Quality Control. The ‘Total Station’ is what is known as a 'one man total station'. As the name implies, it can be operated entirely by a single person. The measurements are extremely precise; even deformation measurement is possible. The measurement equipment is fitted with a GPS receiver, which means that the optimum positioning can also be measured.


InVra plus also has all the tools it needs for Quality Control. The drilling truck is equipped in such a way that we can sample asphalt and concrete cores. We then send them to an external laboratory to measure the density and determine the composition. We also use a Troxler: a nuclear device that measures the density of asphalt or foundations whilst they are being laid. This immediately shows whether the density is adequate.



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