Civil engineering Management & Consultancy



Quality control

We are able to carry out numerous studies into road building and hydraulic engineering projects at our own laboratory. A special machine can be used to determine the foaming characteristics of bitumen to produce mixtures containing foam bitumen. We can then mix the foam bitumen with various materials and carry out a complete study (or preliminary study) into this.

As well as carry out studies we are able to perform various checks during the implementation of projects. Relevant aspects include the compaction levels of sand, gravel tracks and asphalt, as well as determining the clay properties. We are able to measure the density values of sand tracks, gravel tracks and asphalt with our measurement instrument Troxler. That makes it an easy matter to check whether there have been enough grinding rounds to achieve an effective sealing density.

For studies into existing road surfaces and foundations we have an asphalt drilling truck that we can use to determine various parameters for redesign or reconstruction. Examples include the tar retention of asphalt, the thickness of asphalt layers and foundation strata and their composition.

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