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Visualisations are commonly used as an instrument for broadening support. This is a way of creating an environment that is faithful to nature, which makes it possible to project future situations in a true-to-life way. In other words, a project is shown true-to-life! The visualisation process involves several steps. The design is usually worked out as a final or provisional design in Autocad. Various programs are available for this, such as Revit and Autocad Civil 3D. Autocad is highly suitable for producing 2D technical drawings and also, since a few years back, 3D modelling. Each software package has its own pros and cons. InVra plus uses Autocad for technical drawings and there is no need to convert into a different software program.

Autocad is used to make a 3D model of the existing and new situation. After importing a 3D model into 3Ds Max Design it is possible to create materials and assign them to surfaces and solid objects. Lighting and shadow form an essential aspect of the rendition. Lighting and light effects in particular create ambience in the visualisation. Rendering and refining the 3D model is a complex process that is being made less complex and therefore cheaper by the computer systems of today.

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