Civil engineering Management & Consultancy



Permit management

InVra plus forms the pivot between the authorities and the client for the complete and efficient settlement of permit applications. There can be no building projects without permits. And vice versa: without permits there can be no building projects. Permits issued by the central government, the provincial and municipal authorities and water boards are preconditions for the start of any infrastructure or civil engineering project.

The management of the various permits is a discipline in itself. In the worst case scenario the building activities cannot start, or are stopped if they have already been started. This leads to delays and considerable extra costs. InVra plus knows which permits are needed for which project and how to apply for them. Also, we make allowance in our plans for the lead times of the accompanying permit procedures so that there are no unforeseen delays in the building plans.

Outsourcing the management of the project permits leaves you as the client free to concentrate on your core tasks without the progress of the building project being placed under threat.

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