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Water management

InVra plus supports clients with matters concerning the quality and quantity of water.

A love-hate relationship has come about between people and water, partly owing to climate change. One the one hand we need clean drinking water every day, whilst on the other we don't want our feet getting wet. Water is our friend, but can become our enemy. In short: a highly topical subject.

We at InVra plus consider how we can responsibly incorporate water. In new residential districts, major projects or within the existing water management systems. It is often the case that all disciplines come together in major water projects: home building, hydraulic engineering and road building, spatial planning and infrastructure. Everything is aimed at saving water and making better use of its quality.

Public authorities, property developers, water boards and other organisations involved in major projects in which water plays an important role can call on InVra plus for advice and project management. We will be pleased to drop by for an intake and advice meeting, entirely free of obligation.

See our leaflet on water management: click here!

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