Civil engineering Management & Consultancy



Contract preparation

InVra plus advises on station design and fire extinguishing facilities and provides second opinions with practical solutions.

Various types of contract are available to clients for projects. Each project calls for a different approach to the choice of contract and the working relationship with the contractor at the next stage. To what extent will the contractor be given freedom of design, who is responsible for which risks, and how are the tasks divided? InVra plus clarifies the contractual options and provides a practical and fitting solution.

As well as the choice of contract InVra plus has experience with drawing up specifications under the RAW system, the 'building block specification' of ProRail and integrated contracts. The 'building block specification' of ProRail is a specification system that is sued for railway technologies such as technical maintenance and steel bridges. We also help clients to draw up contracts in accordance with the Uniform Administrative Conditions for Integrated Contracts. We draw up a reference design and make the costs transparent.

We carry out the risk, water, permit and environmental management as part of the contract. Specifically for the rail sector we prepare the line closures, the safe travel plans, the safe transfer plans and the health & safety plans. Once a contract has been prepared InVra plus is able to provide support with the tendering and management, communications and implementation.

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