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Line closures

InVra plus provides support at early stage with the preparations and implementation of line closures.
InVra plus organises, plans and coordinates line closures. A line closure is a period in which no trains run so that maintenance can be carried out, the rail plan can be modified, a tunnel can be built or a station can be completely rebuilt. We are involved in major projects, know the processes in a rail environment and precisely what a line closure involves.

A line closure means that a great deal has to be done within a short period of time. Railways have to be closed down and rendered voltage-free. Work that is normally done on weekdays has to be completed in a single weekend: 52 hours, day and night. Many different contracts and materials are involved, and the work location is often small.

InVra plus applies for line closures, plans them from hour to hour and draws up the procedures. We also put the necessary safety measures in place. During the line closure we monitor progress and attend to the communication with clients and contractors.
Whether the line closure is long or short: all line closures form a challenge for InVra plus. Line closures are complex matters: based on our knowledge and experience we make sure that the work is successfully completed within the set time frames (which are arranged for all line closures). Thorough and timely preparation of line closures prevents escalations and budgets being exceeded.

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