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InVra plus develops sustainable foundation materials

BCTR®; Bitumen Cement Treated Renewables



Foam bitumen

In recent years InVra plus has invested heavily in and experimented with the applications of foam bitumen. Foam bitumen mixtures can be made at laboratory level by InVra plus and produced on a large-scale by MMT.

Based on a large number of trials it can be concluded that mixtures bound with foam bitumen possess outstanding mechanical properties. There are countless applications, the most important of which are the high quality road foundations and the replacement of hot-produced substrata of asphalt with cold-produced foam bitumen-bound blends. Our engineers are able to calculate constructions such as this on the basis of information obtained from years of research and pilot projects.

The Netherlands is a recycling country. We are recycling our waste more and more, and the remnant streams that cannot be recycled are converted into energy by means of incineration in waste to energy power plants. The remnant streams produced from incineration in the form of fly ash and bottom ash are often used after processing as secondary raw materials for the building and road building industries.

The remnant streams resulting from building and road building recycling are used after being treated and/or upgraded as secondary building materials in, for example, the asphalt industry, the concrete industry and for raising areas and foundations for roads. InVra plus looks for high grade applications of these secondary building materials (renewables) under the collective product name  Bitumen Cement Treated Renewables, or BCTR® for short.

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