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Feasibility studies


Paper is tractable, both on the drawing board and in the printer. These days projects are shaped very quickly and therefore appear feasible after a very short period of time. But is that really the case? How feasible are artist impressions and 3D visualisations? Have they been sufficiently substantiated in technical terms? And will they actually stay within the set parameters of quality, time and budget?

InVra plus performs feasibility studies prior to the initial stage of major infrastructure projects. We provide estimates and calculations of project costs, assess risks and produce realistic advice on the feasibility and budget of your project. It will go without saying that we take all of the set parameters into account. A thorough feasibility study along these lines gives clients a tighter grip on the parameters of their projects. It also yields concrete criteria for the tender procedure and key success and failure factors. We can also look into the subsidy options and the procedures for obtaining the necessary permits.

Once the feasibility study has been completed we can develop the project details into work drawings and the specification, whether or not with concrete estimates and calculations. This specification can serve in turn as a basis for the call for tenders.

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