Civil engineering Management & Consultancy




Station layouts and designs call for good design management. InVra plus provides designs and specifications/contracts.

InVra plus has ample experience with rail infrastructure and the design of station environments. We are involved in the design of stations, emplacements, bicycle parks, platforms, engineering structures in a rail setting and fire extinguishing and access facilities.

We work in a multidisciplinary team and have knowledge of all necessary aspects. We provide reliable and complete designs by combining the areas of expertise. As an addition to the designs we are able to provide visualisations that make projects tangible.


As well as designs we can also provide you with a second opinion. We also perform studies into the feasibility of projects and write specifications and contracts. InVra plus works for ProRail, NS Stations, provincial and municipal authorities and for contractors. The train stations in Assen, Zwolle and Tilburg are examples of rail projects that we have been involved in: from north to south and from initiation phase to completion.

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