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Interim management

What do you do if a key figure in your project suddenly falls sick or leaves? And what if you need extra manpower?

And what do you do if you need extra people in the construction team or the project organisation? Recruiting, selecting and training a new manager will not usually be a realistic option. By the time a candidate has been shown the ropes the project has already been completed. In these cases the solution can be found in interim management.

InVra plus provides interim managers for large and complex projects. We are able to quickly deal with crises caused by sickness, replacements, bridging or understaffing. Construction teams and management boards can count on having the right people in the right place. Our managers take over the helm in difficult stages and quickly lay the foundation for a new and successful building project. Our interim managers can also be expected to carry out crisis management, make difficult decisions and cut through to the essence. An interim manager is an adviser, leader and problem-solver rolled into one. To effectively fulfil these roles the manager does however need to be given the accompanying responsibilities and powers.


Do you urgently need an experienced and effective interim manager? If so, please contact contact is.

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